1992 in Griechenland geboren, begann Stathis Tsavalias 2007 mit dem klassischen Graffitiwriting. Insane51 hat eine formale Ausbildung an der Athens School of Fine Arts absolviert und sowohl angewandte als auch grafische Kunst studiert. Insane 51 ist für seine komplizierte und innovative Sprühmalerei bekannt. Seine populäreren Werke sind  Overlay-Murals die weltweit bekannt sind.    Seine früheren […]


WENU, which means We & You, was founded by four urban artists from Hong Kong and Berlin. The WENU concept is about painting and creating things not only for „WE“, but also for „U“. WENU is looking for crazy ideas, originality, uniqueness and beauty and tries to make cities better through their art. The artist […]


SWEETUNO was born and grew up in Basel, Switzerland. For the past 12 years he has been living and working in Heidelberg, Germany. Since his beginning with graffiti 1989, he has commited himself to classical graffiti: from tag to throwup, from simple to wildstyle. Growing up in the mid-90′s of Basel’s graffiti-scene, Sweetuno was influenced […]


Stohead, born in 1973 in Schwäbisch Hall as Christoph Hässler, is a graffiti artist from the very beginning. In the course of his artistic career he has gone through several stylistic stages of development. Starting with graffiti in the late 80s, he has dealt with writing, language and calligraphy. For him, writing is the carrier […]

Bernardo Maldonado Morales

humor can spare the live of the people. Bernardo Maldonado Morales is a cartoonist, illustrator, designer and wall-sign painter. He was born in Arica, Chile, lived and studied art and design in England. The response to his work that is deeply influenced by comics and pop culture, have convinced him that humor can spare the […]

Jan Paul Müller

Jan Paul Müller, born in Wiesbaden in 1988, is currently one of the hottest young designers in the field of club culture, posters and advertising in Frankfurt/ Offenbach.. Since 2009, Müller studied at the School of Design and Visual Communications in Offenbach. Already in his early youth, Jan Paul Müller was interested in different styles […]


LIMOW Based in Barcelona since 2005, Limow has participated in art festivals and has showed his work in different galleries and art fairs around Europe for the last years. In 2012 he started collaborating with the Willibender projekte, an art project based in Heidelberg, Germany. Past and future, animals and humans in a characteristic and […]