Daniel Munoz

South-Gettysburg-Avenue, 69117, Patrick-Henry-Village, Heidelberg


South-Gettysburg-Avenue, 69117, Patrick-Henry-Village, Heidelberg


Demsky J. is a Spanish street artist from Elche who started painting in the graffiti scene in the early 1990s. Over time, he has managed to stand out with his easily recognizable style, heavily influenced by the iconic Jupiter 8 synthesizer and one of the early video game scenarios like Arcade. One of the main […]


Luisenstraße, 69115, Heidelberg


WENU, which means We & You, was founded by four urban artists from Hong Kong and Berlin. The WENU concept is about painting and creating things not only for „WE“, but also for „U“. WENU is looking for crazy ideas, originality, uniqueness and beauty and tries to make cities better through their art. The artist […]


Tüngentaler Str. 208, 74523 Schwäbisch Hall, Deutschland  


Pichi and Avo come from Valencia Spain, both have a classic graffiti background and got to know each other in the scene. They studied fine arts and design and founded the artist duo PichiAvo in 2007. From that moment on, they worked on developing joint projects and pursued a tireless search for their own style: […]


NUBIAN, Montpellier, F


SWEETUNO was born and grew up in Basel, Switzerland. For the past 12 years he has been living and working in Heidelberg, Germany. Since his beginning with graffiti 1989, he has commited himself to classical graffiti: from tag to throwup, from simple to wildstyle. Growing up in the mid-90′s of Basel’s graffiti-scene, Sweetuno was influenced […]