Olive Green Anna

Olive Green Anna (Anna Baer) is american artist based in Heidelberg, Germany, whose practice examines the relationship between control and wild. Her curiosity and practice depart from meditations on identity, chaos, calm. She holds a Masters in Teaching (Arts) and a BA in Fine Arts from Whitworth University. Olive Green Anna has been a working artist […]


Studio Halvar – das sind zwei Maler die dem Graffiti entwachsen sind und nun mit Grafikdesign ihren Alltag bewältigen. Wie so viele verbringen sie Ihre Zeit vor dem flimmernden Monitor im Büro. Nur schaffen sie es, mit Wandgestaltung als Marketingtool ihr Dienstleisutngsportfolio zu bereichern – Werktags. Denn wenn gerade kein Kunde fordert darf es gerne […]


SWEETUNO was born and grew up in Basel, Switzerland. For the past 12 years he has been living and working in Heidelberg, Germany. Since his beginning with graffiti 1989, he has commited himself to classical graffiti: from tag to throwup, from simple to wildstyle. Growing up in the mid-90′s of Basel’s graffiti-scene, Sweetuno was influenced […]


TAPE ART PROJECTS Our artistic endeavors range from our free artworks and installations to commissioned projects and intercultural art exchanges as well as workshops. We produce a wide spectrum of free artworks that includes regular taped paintings, room installations and sculptures, murals or facades and light installations. Besides live tape art performances at events and […]


The METROPOLINK Festival in Heidelberg Germany, saw it’s 4th consecutive year running in 2018. With the festival getting more attention and ever increasingly talented artist participating, it was no wonder that the energy would spill over to other nearing regions. Next in line to participate for its second year in the METROPOLINK Festival was the […]


Willehad Eilers (1981, Peine, Germany) also works under the pseudonym Wayne Horse. Beginning his career in the German graffiti scene, Eilers later went on to graduate from the RijksAkademie in Amsterdam. He continues to live and work in the Dutch capital today. His eclectic body of work comprises video, drawing, performance and installation, and is […]


Jan Paul Müller San-Jacinto-Drive Patrick-Henry-Village, Heidelberg


Daniel Thouw San-Jacinto-Drive Patrick-Henry-Village, Heidelberg