Wow123 Looking at the work of Wow123 aka. Markus Genesius, born in Bremen in 1974, two things attract attention: first: the playful, figurative elements. Second: the classic style-writing and the recurring motif of TV test-image, which is his ‚»trademark«. »All I want to do is paint!« Was his motto, and still is today.

»All I want to do is paint!«

After he was caught spraypainting on a train, he decided early on to put most of his creativ energy into legal projects. This made him a key figur in freeing graffity of the illegal stigma not only nationally but internationally as well. After a commercial education and the opportunity to visit the Upper School of Design in Bremen, he went to New York in 1995. Where he met some of  the forefathers of Stylewriting such as lakes, T-Kid and TAT‘s- crew who had a strong influenced on his classic writing style.

wow123 can today look back on more than 100 projects in 29 countries. With his unconventional mix of styles from figurative motifs and classical writing, he also continues to fulfill an important pioneering role in the international scene and is regularly featured in graffiti magazines around the world.

*1974 in Bremen (Germany)