WENU, which means We & You, was founded by four urban artists from Hong Kong and Berlin. The WENU concept is about painting and creating things not only for „WE“, but also for „U“. WENU is looking for crazy ideas, originality, uniqueness and beauty and tries to make cities better through their art.

The artist collective has developed a style beyond graffiti in the form of a reduction to black & white and an illustrative style. Isometric hidden objects are created, which depict all spatial representations, such as the front view, side view and top view, equally for the bodies. This enables the four of them to work together, where they can paint at all points at the same time. WENU leaves the viewer to interpret the image and there are always references to the surroundings.

The production for METROPOLINK in 2020 was created in cooperation with the Confucius Institute at Heidelberg University & Kurfürst-Friedrich-Gymnasium. It is a fascinating and detailed work of art with scenes of urban and school life, in the diversity of which there are always new details to discover.

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live and work in Berlin and Hong Kong