Behind the synonym Unonueve is the artist Sebastian Antonio Carreño Gaibisso, born in 1989 in San Antonio, Chile. He graduated from Vicente Huidobro Poet High School in Cartagena (Chile) in 2006. In 2007 he decided to attend the School of Art, Fine Arts and Social Studies in Santiago de Chile to begin his studies as a graphic designer. While he discovered his motivation and his interest in art and painting at an early age, it was only with his graphic design studies that he began to create his own line based on the translation of emotions through color, shapes and textures.

Guided by Latin American cultural syncretism as a source of inspiration, he is constantly on the lookout for new techniques and materials to use in his works, which has led him to travel to different parts of South America, participating in international public art festivals and worldwide exhibitions for great artists to participate. Nowadays he is constantly working on the further development of these topics and would like to lead his art beyond the territorial borders of his country.

He is part of the artists who worked on the Speditionsgelände Fels in Kirchheim as part of METROPLINK 2017.

* 1989 in San Antonio (Chile)

lives and works in Chile