Tape That is a German artist collective and was founded in 2011 by Stephan Meissner, Milan Nguyen and Cedric Goussanou in Berlin. The collective is perceived as part of the younger tape art movement. The basic idea of ​​the collective lies in the idea of ​​creating art from an everyday object. So tape became the main medium of her work. Their artistic roots are based on the backgrounds of the individual members and can be found primarily in contemporary urban art, graffiti and design.

Her works range from complex and colorful room-filling installations to minimalist black and white murals. The motifs are diverse, partly figurative, partly abstract. Her works can be found in very different contexts and locations, from museums and offices of urban companies to abandoned buildings and at festivals, and are predominantly temporary. Every work of art takes into account the local conditions and the context. Tape That are internationally active with the aim of establishing tape art as an independent art form and making it accessible to a wider audience.

For the METROPOLINK, Tape That glued a house with a 3D effect on the PHV site in 2018.

* Unknown

live and work in Berlin



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