Studio Halvar consists of the artists Daniel Feder & Dominik Kollang, who have both outgrown graffiti and founded a graphic design studio. The two studied communication designers use wall design as a marketing tool and offer the art of lettering as a service for companies and manufacturers. For the implementation of the ideas you have a network of photographers, copywriters, printers, 3D design or even video at hand. The free design of rooms, surfaces and walls has remained a medium and part of their service.

Feder and Kollang manage to breathe life into their pictures, even though they are based on strict grids and clear forms. Broken in an unexpected place and placed in trendy colors, the works move between structure and chaos, construction and evolution.

For METROPOLINK, Studio Halvar designed a wall in PHV Nord in 2018 and the filter container at the Aqwa bath and sauna park in Walldorf in 2019.

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live and work in Limburg an der Lahn


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