Stohead, born in 1973 in Schwäbisch Hall as Christoph Hässler, is a graffiti artist from the very beginning. In the course of his artistic career he has gone through several stylistic stages of development. Starting with graffiti in the late 80s, he has dealt with writing, language and calligraphy. For him, writing is the carrier of information and writing enables thoughts and feelings to be captured in a form. Stohead has built a bridge between writing on the street and the art form of lettering in the gallery. As with any good artist, the key is to constantly evolve and reinvent yourself without losing your identity as an artist.

Stohead has managed to do this over several years and different styles by never discarding or breaking one for the other, rather switching back and forth between them more intuitively. Starting with taking his distinctive round-tip tagging style from the street to the big screen, Stohead has since taken his style through various stages of what he calls the „decomposition“ of the lettering. Using different techniques and often self-made tools, his work ranges from clear and strict letter patterns to complete dismantling, which is commonly known as „Liquid Smoke“ work. Inspiration from both sides has resulted in several different styles evolving and being regularly used side by side by the artist.

For METROPOLINK, Stohead painted a wall in 2016 in the district Kirchheim, which has now been bombed (painted over by other graffiti writers).

* 1973 in Schwäbisch Hall (Germany)

Lives and works in Berlin