Adrian Falkner was born in Basel in 1979 and is still one of the most renowned graffiti writers to this day. He has found worldwide recognition under his writer name SMASH137. His graffiti can be seen on countless walls and his style is considered formative within the scene, as he combines technical precision with an innovative use of the traditional vocabulary of the graffiti language. Curved lines and open areas that flow into one another, as well as striking colors, characterize his work. As one of the pioneers, SMASH137 developed the technique of “cracking”, in which a spray can is pierced, causing the paint to be expelled in an uncontrolled manner. This dynamic process determines a new rhythm of colors and shapes.

The interplay of technology and color creates a floating lightness and pronounced texture of the lines. In addition, he uses acrylic, ink and oil pastel to set his painterly style in motion and create a high-contrast surface.

For METROPOLINK, Smash137 painted the very first wall in 2015 on the refugee accommodation and former hotel “Metropolis” in Heidelberg, which also gave the festival its name.

* 1979 in Basel (Switzerland)

lives and works in Basel