Robert Proch

Robert Proch born * 1986 in Poznań (Poland). started painting a lot as a small child and created the first larger paintings on house walls in 2002 in Bydgoszcz (Poland).

Robert Proch’s art is an experiment of the imagination. He created impressive visions between abstraction and figuration. The artist was inspired by the events of everyday life and the urban environment, which he reduced to the essential elements to create a geometric vision in which the human figure floats in a complex and fragmented world. As in a deconstructed and metaphorical architecture, the final visual appearance of his pictures is characterized by an inspiring unpredictability and a controlled chaos.

Robert Proch died in 2019 and his wall, which he designed for METROPOLINK in Heidelberg in 2016, has become a monument to his art.

* 1986-2019 in Poznań (Poland)

lived and worked in Poznań



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