Pichi and Avo come from Valencia Spain, both have a classic graffiti background and got to know each other in the scene. They studied fine arts and design and founded the artist duo PichiAvo in 2007. From that moment on, they worked on developing joint projects and pursued a tireless search for their own style: graffiti and classical art. You design both outside and inside the studio in painting, sculpture and installation and encompass a wide and varied range of materials and painterly approaches.

Right from the start, PichiAvo renounced artistic individuality and combined its forces for a special concept, both on the street and in the studio. They combine the language of urban art with the characters of classical art history, Greek mythology and the Renaissance.

For METROPOLINK # 6, a prominent wall was created in Heidelberg’s main station in 2020, which reflects the Helios with the sun wagon on the opposite station wall from 1955.

Pichi: * 1977 in Valencia (Spain)

Avo: * 1985 in Valencia (Spain)

live and work in valencia