Born in Chile and raised in the former GDR, Pau Quintanajornet moved to Berlin at the age of 15 to broaden her horizons and find a creative outlet. She studied communication design and illustration at the FHTW before heading to South America. In recent years, Pau has participated in numerous festivals and art events around the world. These trips and interactions with people in the area helped her to find a deeper meaning in her work and to become more sensitive to different global realities.

Pau paints a mixture of folklore with modern South American muralism and creates open invitations to a journey into the beauty of Latin American influences and into the spheres of an artist who playfully turns her world inside out with paper, wood and ink. The gap between cultures is loosening. From the friction between her Chilean roots and her German homeland, she draws her own symbolism of strong women who grow out of the ground like plants that tower into the sky.

In 2016, Pau painted two impressive walls in Kirchheim on the Fels forwarding site as part of the METROPOLINK FESTIVAL.

* unknown in Chile

lives and works in Cologne