Olive Green Anna

Olive Green Anna (Anna Baer) is american artist based in Heidelberg, Germany, whose practice examines the relationship between control and wild. Her curiosity and practice depart from meditations on identity, chaos, calm. She holds a Masters in Teaching (Arts) and a BA in Fine Arts from Whitworth University. Olive Green Anna has been a working artist and writing her art blog at olivegreenanna.com since 2009.

Anna has held art teaching positions at Heidelberg International School, (Heidelberg, Germany), and North Central High School (Spokane, WA, USA), and currently works as an artist in Heidelberg, Germany. She is an active member of Heidelberg’s creative community, running pop up galleries like the Zeitgenießische Gallery, organizing creative markets, and artistic workshops. Recent fine art projects include curation and space rental at the Zeitgenießische Gallery, Heidelberg, artist residencies at Mai Space in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Berlin Art Institute, COLLIDING IN THE DARK a collaborative project with musician Dominik Baer in which she paints a new painting to every song he released in 2018, and a piece as part of METROPOLINK in Heidelberg, summer 2018. She is the recipient of the 2009 and 2008 Art Talent Award at Whitworth University (Spokane, WA, USA).

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