Matthias Mross

Matthias Mross was born in Freising in 1986 and lives in Munich. He was attracted to art from an early age and has been painting since his youth. In his teenage years he discovered the world of graffiti. In the years that followed, he began combining pencils, markers, paints and aerosol cans and refining his technique into complex paintings.

Inspired by his many trips around the world, he is mainly concerned with the disadvantages of urban living spaces, which are characterized by narrow slums. He deals with social imbalance and creates an interesting new layer and depth in his works of art through the use of fabrics and his realistic painting technique. With the combination of mixed media and the repetitive motifs of chickens, slum settlements and homeless people, Matthias Mross created an inimitable artistic signature that gives his works both an individual style and an outstanding recognition value. In addition to street vendors, homeless people, food service operators and city workers, especially roosters and chickens, are repeatedly motifs of Matthias Mross’s works.

Mross designed walls in Heidelberg and Walldorf for the METROPOLINK FESTIVAL.

* 1986 in Freising (Germany)

lives and works in Munich