Klone Yourself was born in Ukraine in 1983 and currently lives in Tel Aviv (Israel). He moved from graffiti to murals and installations that show haunting subjects in an abstract way. During his childhood, his family emigrated from Ukraine to Israel, which is why his early graffiti work is influenced by the personal challenges associated with the diaspora.

As his works expanded to include exhibitions and murals across Europe, the Middle East, and the United States, Klone began to incorporate more complex traditions of art history and aimed to achieve wider political reach. He builds bridges of communication between his work outside of himself, to others and their relationship to the concept of “home”. With signs, symbols and regional iconography, Klone’s work takes up existing linguistic traditions and places them in direct relation to the viewer. He says that “every installation and every picture wants to create an environment that appeals to the basic feeling of the viewer and makes him part of the setting and context of the work”.

Klone’s wall at the Hotel Central Heidelberg, which was created for the METROPOLINK FESTIVAL 2017, has meanwhile been painted over.

* 1983 in Harkov (Ukraine)

lives and works in Tel Aviv