Christian Hinz aka Kera, who was born in Berlin in 1985, has been dealing with colors, printing techniques and facade design for over 15 years, and his love for the tactile and craftsmanship has always given him new impulses. The connection between the computer and the transfer to the wall is what appeals to the graphic designer / artist and the production area cannot be large enough. His graphic design studies and his passion for lines and surfaces are visibly reflected in his work, as well as the years of handling spray cans, wall paint and brushes. The works are abstract, but at the same time spatial, with graphics and aesthetics playing a major role.

Kera has worked on murals and for “art in architecture” projects around the world, from Qatar to Mexico to Great Britain and many other European locations. The artist is also represented in galleries and art fairs, for which he paints on canvas or forms objects and presents his style in a compact and more detailed manner.

Kera was there for METROPOLINK in 2016 and 2018.

* 1985 in Berlin (Germany)

Lives and works in Berlin


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