Julia Benz

Julia Benz studied painting at the Düsseldorf Art Academy and at the Berlin University of the Arts and graduated as a master class student in painting. She lives and works in Berlin. Her paintings celebrate the boundary between the daily visible and mystical seclusion. With her unmistakable handwriting, Julia Benz embodies the painting of a new generation.

Julia Benz paints on paper, canvas and walls and combines different ones Materials. In her mostly large-format works, Julia Benz manages to create exciting and complex worlds full of dynamism. Abstract dissolutions of concrete forms and self-confident color combinations play an important role here. “For me, colors are emotions. They shock and fascinate me at the same time. They constantly challenge me to mediate between the dominance of colors and the sensuality of painting. ”This ambivalence serves as an inspiration in the work process in which layers are superimposed, surfaces are continued, supplemented or completely dissolved.

As part of METROPOLINK, she painted a wall in the Patrick Henry Village in 2019.

* 1985 in Wittlich (Germany)

Lives and works in Berlin