Jan Paul Müller

Jan Paul Müller, born in Wiesbaden in 1988, is currently one of the hottest young designers in the field of club culture, posters and advertising in Frankfurt/ Offenbach.. Since 2009, Müller studied at the School of Design and Visual Communications in Offenbach. Already in his early youth, Jan Paul Müller was interested in different styles of the New York Street Art scene. In addition to the creation of a fashion label in 2014, the trained signmaker gained notoriety in the design scene, mainly through various commissions for Ata Macias/ Robert Johnson, Offenbach.

We are therefore delighted to present the artistic side of Jan Paul Müller in pronounced form. Through large-scale works as well as a direct design of the interior walls, Müller exposed art-works during his exhibition in June 2015 in the new BANANA Gallery/ Mannheim.

Furthermore, we are pleased to introduce Jan Paul Müllers art-work to the #01. METROPOLINK. The artist designes the festival-map, a variety of electricity-chests and takes part in 2 workshops.
We´re happy having him here…