Andreas Pistner was born in Würzburg in 1980 and is a graduate communication designer with a graffiti background. Much of his work is located in urban areas in southern Germany. Pistner has shown various exhibitions in cooperation and was nominated in 2010 for the “White Poplar Award in Comic Art & Illustration“ Aniwow! Beijing.

His illustrative, dreamy, narrative style is reminiscent of Zozoville’s monster. Figurative creatures are combined with classic style writing and mostly refer to animals as motifs. Fish are a recurring motif here. Iron Monkey works in addition to the animation work, on various media, such as walls and on wooden boards.

For the production with METROPOLINK 2019 there was a cooperation with the famous Hagebutze Heidelbergs, a free, self-managed flat-sharing communityproject. 26 residential units, as well as areas for communal use, have been created on the conversion area ‚Mark Twain Village‘ including an event space for concerts, readings, theater, lectures, social, political, cultural and ecological activities.

* 1980 in Würzburg (Germany)

lives and works in Wiesbaden