Guido Zimmermann

Guido Zimmermann comes from the graffiti of the 90s, dealt with the figurative, which is rather untypical for the graffiti scene, and experimented with it. A decade later, an official degree at the Academy of Visual Arts was added. Through this combination, the artist managed to refine his work and participate in significant collaborations.

The work of Guido Zimmermann reminds you that art not only belongs in the museum, but also in public space. The Frankfurt artist uses large facades in urban space as canvases. The graffiti artist and painter has found a way to create modern masterpieces that are highly entertaining and at the same time stimulate thought. He can neither be tied to a particular style nor to a specific medium. He paints on canvases, carries out gigantic murals and also makes sculptures again and again.

In 2016, in collaboration with Maruis Ohl, he designed a wall for METROPOLINK on the Emmertsgrund.

* 1978 in Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

lives and works in Frankfurt a.M. and London