The German street artist Christian Kraemer aka Dome was born in Karlsruhe and began practicing at the age of twenty with spray cans on the legal walls of the Rheinstrandhalle. Today, Dome is considered one of the prominent names in the urban street art scene and is also institutionally valued and recognized for its works of art that merge between the realistic and the surreal world.

He is known for his mysterious stories. He creates worlds full of elongated human figures with animal heads. Some of them are playing music, others are involved in a love scene. Sometimes they are surrounded by animals like rabbits, mostly in a surrealistic world reminiscent of the surrealismo. Dome has a wide use of materials and backgrounds: he works with ink, paint, paper, aerosol cans and creates works from cardboard, sculptures and objects.

Dome painted for METROPOLINK in 2016 and is one of the artists inside on the Speditionsgelände Fels, Kirchheim.

* 1975 in Karlsruhe (Germany)

lives and works in Karlsruhe