Demsky J. is a Spanish street artist from Elche who started painting in the graffiti scene in the early 1990s. Over time, he has managed to stand out with his easily recognizable style, heavily influenced by the iconic Jupiter 8 synthesizer and one of the early video game scenarios like Arcade. One of the main features of his works is the alternation of geometric lines and bright neon colors.

It seems as if one enters another dimension through his wall paintings, completely virtual and outside of time. The rigid scheme of geometries paradoxically breaks the rules and creates an independent space compared to the base on which it was made. Currently, Demsky is eager to expand his artistic creation and develop new concepts in his studio work – a new approach to develop a more conceptual side in which he tries to bring new art forms around the interrelated relationship of space and time, with a strong focus on finding the glitch and animating static compositions.

For METROPOLINK, Demsky designed a prominent wall on the Patrick Henry Village site in 2020, which was also mapped with video projections.

* 1979 in Elche (Spain)

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