Daniel Thouw

Daniel Thouw began his creative journey during the second generation of graffiti artists in Heidelberg and is one of the locals. He grew up in Heidelberg and developed his feel for color and shape here by himself. His fascination for the elements around the letters led him to a Bachelor of Fine Art at the Laguna College of Art and Design in California, which refined his artistic expression.

The characters of Thouw represent the creation process that surrounds us everywhere in the reality we perceive. Thouw’s lively brushstrokes and splashes of paint symbolize the constant movement inherent in all of nature and the underlying wave and energy spectra. He observes nature and its repetitive patterns, from very large to very small. An atom with its nucleus and electrons that revolve around it to our solar system with its sun and the planets that orbit it. A satellite image of a river versus a human vein. Using such patterns and textures built into the composition of his characters, he creates his own subjective view of what all cultures have been trying to define through religion and science since humanity existed as a species.

Daniel Thouw painted on the PHV for METROPOLINK in 2018.

* 1975 in Heidelberg, Germany.

lives and works in Heidelberg, Germany