Daniel Muñoz

Daniel Muñoz began his career in the early 1990s painting the walls of his hometown. After many years of self-study, mainly with a focus on wall painting, he moved to Madrid in 2000 to begin his fine arts studies at Complutense University. During the first years of his career in Madrid, he began to stage painting exhibitions and interpositions in various Spanish and European cities. His work was then influenced by a plastic evolution and he established sketching as his most important language tool.

Daniel Muñoz’s work was relatively figurative from the start, as he initially only painted in public spaces. His messages should be recognizable to most people without socio-economic differentiation. Its language is made up of various codes and symbols that encourage us to interpret them carefully. One of the recurring elements is masks and old newspapers. Hide something and report something. In the works of Daniel Muñoz there is often a tension that arises from the unusual or unexpected portrayal of the characters or certain situations that are inspired by reality. His style is graphic, precise and surrealistic.

As part of METROPOLINK, Daniel Muñoz painted one of his newspapers on the Patrick Henry Village site.

* 1980 in Moraleja (Spain)

lives and works in Moraleja