Bordalo II

Artur Bordalo studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lisbon for eight years where he discovered sculpture, ceramics and experimented with a variety of materials. His passion for painting dates back to his childhood when he used to spend endless hours observing his grandfather painting in his studio and also tagging in the underworld of the city of Lisbon. Deeply influenced by his grandfather, Artur Bordalo started spray-painting walls in the streets at the age of 11. He then chose the artist name Bordalo II as a tribute to his grandfather Artur Real Bordalo (1925-2017) in order to honour him and highlight his artistic legacy.

The opening of METROPOLINK # 04 was celebrated with the artist who lives in Lisbon. An artist who has achieved tremendous popularity in recent years. With his „Trash-Animals“, which he installs relief-like on house facades around the world or as sculptures in public places, Bodalo ii not only causes artistic sensation, but also always conveys a message: Garbage becomes one of the great problems of humanity. StreetArt must always have a mediating value for the Portuguese artist and yet, his creative work and the creation of his oversized beasts of hoods, hose systems and car doors will keep us inspired.

* 1987 in Lisbon (Portugal)

lives and works in Lisbon