Nicolás Sánchez, better known as AlfAlfA, was born in 1983 in Mérida, Venezuela. He began his artistic studies at an early age and later found a focus on wall painting at the School of Beaux Arts in Uruguay. He has complemented his formal education with international art residencies and commissions and has spent 4 years traveling the world painting on 3 continents and 25 countries.

AlfAlfA sees itself as a draftsman who uses techniques based on vintage etchings and engravings, with a special focus on the perspective effect of variations in line thickness. His artwork often depicts animal-human hybrids using a dada-esque collage style to create otherworldly, mythical beings. His work of art should evoke humor through its irony; a reflection of our own condition as humans. He sees himself as a minimalist in terms of materials, using mostly black and white inks and colors, but a maximalist when it comes to details.

In 2018, an iconic wall was created for METROPOLINK on the Patrick Henry Village site, which has not been painted over to this day.

* 1983 in Mérida (Venezuela)

lives and works in Toronto