The artist 1010 (tenten) was born in 1979 and began spraying graffiti for the first time in 1994. He studied art in Hamburg and dealt with the means of communication early on. He names computer games, cartoons, comics and fantasy novels as early sources of inspiration. 1010 is a conceptualist whose art is not self-explanatory. It is based on a well thought-out system that has continued to develop over the past few years. He reproduces this in his wall paintings, paintings and works on paper. The Hamburg artist is currently one of the most sought-after urban art artists in Germany.

His works take the viewer by the hand and lead him into a wonderful art world of graphic illusion and alluring colors. The artist’s ongoing “Abyss Series” is both visually appealing and critically well thought-out. His art deals with language, symbols and signs, the automatisms of our perception and the structures of our society. In his paper works he consciously uses a beautiful aesthetic to bring a critical topic closer to the viewer.

For METROPOLINK, he was on a wall in the Milchzentrale in 2016, which has unfortunately already been torn down.

* 1979 unknown

lives and works in Hamburg